Types of hunting

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We offer the hunting, stalking and bow hunting.

Hunt end

Our hunter and a professional hunter to be driven with the SUVs prepared accordingly in the hunting areas. In Rule 2 is driven to 1, that means 2 hunters and 1 professional hunter.

If desired, a professional hunter and hunting and a hunting guest.

Hunt seat

Hunt seat in AfricaThe hunt is sitting on the most extended type of hunting. The specially created high chairs are designed to protect against wind, weather and camouflage. The hunt is sitting operated in the form of individual hunting, while the hunter waits alone and unaided by dogs or drivers passing by on game. At best this hunting method succeeds in the early morning hours, even better at night.

When driving through our hunting concession areas all three forms are possible. Abundance is given in any case, as we now chase to 85,000 hectares.

In addition to the hunting of ungulates and predators we hunt on birds.


Crucial to the stalking, the stalking is against the wind and rubbish at the game to finally succumbed to this. This type of hunting promises special feeling! Consider this type of hunting on a wild lions. Eye to eye - a tooth for a tooth.

Bow hunting

Africa hunting - bow huntingThe bow hunting is carried out so-called Bojagdgelings or natural shelters are built in appropriate places frequented by wildlife. The bow hunting is in many African countries tradition.

Africa hunting - bow huntingAs opposed to hunting with the rifle, is on the bow hunting, the distance to hunt wild game considerably shorter. It is important in bow hunting the perfect preparation.

Africa hunting - bow huntingIn the selection of equipment and the place of residences for the success is very important. The bow hunting is very intense, stressful and exciting. The short distance to the game, can already lead a movement to escape even the most cautious of the game.

Own Hunting Equipment

It is possible for hunters to bring their own weapons, which are then stored safely and protected against unauthorized access to weapons cabinets. It can in principle own hunting equipment are welcome.

South Africa Province

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The Makuto hunting ranch is located near Tabazimbi (Irontsate) in the South African province of Limpopo.

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Whether beginner or an experienced hunter, with us you have an experienced guide in the bush of Africa.

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In addition to hunting in Africa is a lot of interesting possibilities of the leisure time actively and interesting. National parks offer here a variety of entertainment for young and old.

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